Water Hater (H20-H8R) RainCoat Gel Packets

by Kurtis Eyewear

$ 9.00 $ 12.00

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So you say you don't like the water spots? Kurtis Surf Goggles come with a Hydrophobic Coating and have a utility patent on our anti-Fog design. The best on the market.

That said this works harder then a UFC Champion on Steroids! Add this and you'll be STOKED!. Our goal is NO WATER SPOTS, but that is not possible and so until then this is the BEST available.

H20-H8R LENS Gel Packets by Gene

  • *Five 2.5 gram (1/10 fl. oz) Packets for easy application
  • *60 Applications (NEW 2017 FORMULA - INSANE!) Made in USA.
  • *One High Quality 100% Buffing Cloth
  • *Follow instructions carefully.
  • *Read the Kurtis Tips Guide included with your surf goggles for the best advice on avoiding the fog and drops.

Check out the video from our good friend & Scientist Gene who created the Kurtis H20-H8R Lens Spray & if you like the video below you'll love our custom creation *Now in Gel Form for 2017.

If you want the BEST viewing pleasure pick some up today. Surfing Eyewear by Kurtis