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Saving your eyes from the glare, wind, surface spray & UV rays that fry them everyday will continue, but your money is no good for now. Pre-Order you Handcrafted Kurtis Eyewear NOW & we will prioritize your order. You will be notified FIRST as soon as they are available to purchase.

Thank you for believing in Kurtis Eyewear & shouting No Fried Eyes with us. Now under new ownership & with a bigger team we plan to build on what our inventor Kurtis was able to start while maintaining Kurtis' original vision. Why?


Kurtis Eyewear is built on the foundation of being “The Most Innovative and Personable Eyewear Brand in the World - No Fried Eyes!”


Today we have proven sales & stoked out riders in every state in the USA & 65 countries around the world. But this worldwide demand & handcrafted supply of eyewear comes with growing pains & now it’s time to hyper focus on new product releases, new manufacturing efficiency & a future focus with sustainable growth. Some projects currently in the works are listed below:


  • Teaming up with Yulex Pure (Plant based Neoprene /rubber & Patagonia)
  • Releasing 2 new designs for Surf Goggles (6 total + stylish color ways)
  • New Science - Melon Strap & QR Money Leash for Big Waves & more patents pending including Surf Goggles Rx.
  • Eco Friendly Sunglasses for off the water built with our high quality eco-friendly standards & style..
  • Updating website with FREE content to improve you skills on the water & offer the most personable Customer experience imaginable.
  • Sharing what we’ve learned with the world to inspire more surfers, kiteboarders & water athletes to become entrepreneurs. *Podcast now on itunes - Search “Surf Goggles Chronicles
Bottom line, thank you for shouting “No Fried Eyes” with us. You mean everything to us & our promise is to Save Your eyes & keep you Stoked on our Kurtis Eyewear brand.
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