#KiteSurfSummit has Ruined Me for Life!

Not just because of the epic 8M conditions, nor because of the standup barrels, 6 mile down winder, yoga, kinesiologists, photographers and tech talks that took place each day at Kite Surf Summit. So what ruined me? Kitemares around the fire! Yes, that's right, I'm haunted by the Kitemares James Ropner, Jeremy Lund, Jacob Olivier and Anton Lilljegren shared. Did I learn anything from them? Yes, the scary truth that wave specialists, freestyle pros, foil racers from East Coast, West Coast, Sweden and Italy can actually converge to make Kiteboarding better for the world. I can't describe the event any better then BOOM!

Thank you to all of Team Kurtis Eyewear for Saving Surfers Eyes, the R&D, stunt pilot testing and for making Kurtis Eyewear the most innovative and personable eyewear brand in the World.  #NoFriedEyes!

#KiteSurfSummit & Kurtis Eyewear Annual R&D, Tech Talk, Athlete Longevity & Kiteboard Your Brains Out Summit.

Thank you to all of our Kite Surf Summit Sponsors: #Kurtis Eyewear , #ChasinADreamPhotography , #StickyBumpsSurfWax , #FoundMyCova #ElementalHerbs , #ArchiesIceCream , #N2Motion , #BrianDorfman , #SurfStrongFitness , #NoFriedEyes , #SixStringsPhotography , #CayucosCollective and all of the Kurtis Eyewear Team.

We promise to always improve and innovate our surf goggles and eco friendly sunglasses by testing them all over the world in a variety of conditions.

Kitesurfing Pros James Ropner and Eric Vanek working on a Kurtis Eyewear "No Fried Eyes" jingle.

Thank you to our Worldwide Kiteboarding community and friends for the excellent coverage. 

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