Kurtis Eyewear Testimonials

“These are Awesome! I went surfing at Oceanside and the glare was so bad a local tried to buy them off of me in the water. They saved my contacts too.”
-Joshua Hunter (Transworld Surf Magazine)
“For a long time we (eye doctors) have been trying to get surfers to wear sun protection but nobody has designed a pair of sunglasses that they can live with. It is a great relief finally to see that Kurtis surf goggles offers the protection we want and the flexibility they want.”
-Dr. John Hovanesian (Eye Surgeon with Harvard Eye Associates, renowned Researcher and Speaker on pterygiums and other eye diseases)
“Eye cancer is very real. Mahalo Kurtis for the Awesome Surf Goggles that have kept me in the waves and Hawaiian sun. You rock dude! Aloha.”
-Lynne Boyer (2x Surfing World Champion, Artist, Eye Cancer Survivor)
“Kurtis Surf Goggles are very special.
-Richard Branson (Kitesurfer, Elders Founder, Virgin Founder, World Record Holder, Billionaire)

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“Used them last couple days at Sunset and they worked great! Also loaned them to my buddy “Surf Mike” and he raves about them, as he’s tried Oakley’s and every other pair on the market and says yours “are the best yet”. So, so far a hit. Don’t know if you know of or remember “Booby Jones”, but he was a former Duke winner and big wave rider in the 80′s and he wants to try a pair, as he’s been using various other brands. So, so far well received on the North Shore! Thanks for turning me on to a pair and I think you’ve got a good practical product with this item! Aloha”
-Randy Rarick (Surfer, Legend, Promoter)
“Kurtis Surf Goggles are changing the face of surfing… They’re happening… I have sensitive eyes and will continue to wear them.”
-Bob McKnight (Founder & CEO of Quiksilver)
” I surf at Maori Bay/Muriwai on Auckland’s West Coast and an evening surf on a fine day has you squinting into intense glare. I had recently discovered I had developed a choroidal naevus on my retina, which has potential to turn into a malignant melanoma, and so it was suddenly pretty important not to acquire further DNA damage from UV radiation on my retina. My son kindly did a diligent search on the net and found your company and ordered me a set of glasses. I have to say I was quite dubious about how useful they would be. I was surprised with how functional they were , how pleasant it was to feel relief from the glare, and indeed they do look quite cool! I have not been out without them since. On those glarey evenings others in the line up are looking at me a bit enviously and I am quite often asked the brand, and where I had acquired them. I had never previously seen eyewear in the surf around New Zealand and only once in Australia. I am sure that is about to change .


Congratulations on achieving such a high standard with your product, it has clearly been well worth all the effort.”
-William Ferguson (Surfer, New Zealand)

“I Surfed North Shore – Gas Chambers – today with the glasses for 3.5 hours. I usually don’t submit product reviews but I wanted to provide a testimonial because I was really surprised by how well these worked in the sizable surf today. …it was a rising 6-8 ft swell with gusty winds. After the first couple of duck dives getting out there I realized the glasses were simply awesome. They didn’t even move. There’s a lot of advantages to wearing these besides avoiding fried eyes. I felt like I had an advantage positioning for incoming sets because I could see further out in the ocean. I also felt that when taking off I was able to see through the blast of wind spray that slams your face before the drop. The leash neck system worked better then I expected… and kept the glasses from getting lost like it’s supposed to. I didn’t have any issues with fogging… and on the way home I noticed my eyes were a lot less irritated… weren’t red and fried like they normally are. All in all these glasses are awesome and offer other advantages besides fried eyes and I recommend them highly.”
-Chris Reid (Surfer, Oahu, Hawaii)
“The “Duke” Surf Goggles are great. The optical clarity and full peripheral vision allow me to wear them while getting barreled.”
-Keoki Ching (Keoki Surfboards, Owner, Master Shaper)
“Hi Kurtis, The goggles are great… a true blessing for my eyes. I will continue to wear them. All the best,”
-Fernando Aguerre (Founder of Reef and President of the International Surfing Association)
“Got the yesterday and used goggles today. Presentation and instructions, cloth, etc was classy and went beyond my expectations. But the best thing was performance. NO MORE FRIED EYES! With my other goggles and glasses I was unhappy with the fact that I had to remove them when I got ready to catch a wave, or needed to see clearly. As a result I was only protecting my eyes part of the time. The visibility with your goggles was such that I never had to remove them and on a pretty powerful wipe out they just moved to my forehead which was a pleasant surprise. I will call Laird… Mahalo.”
-Felipe Pomar (World Surfing Champion, Kauai, HI)
“Check out this photo of me getting tubed wearing my kurtis shades! I surfed 6 hours the day before and fried my eyes, thank God for the shades!”
-Holly Beck (Pro Surfer)
“It was very sloppy out there with severe chop and head high waves and onshore wind at 20 knots -…….. four hours later getting thrashed and trashed on my longboard,… your surf goggles performed flawlessly!! No fog and they only came off once on a spill with a rogue…… you have an excellent product and it does something none of the others can – stay on and give you clear protected vision….There is no doubt your company will be a huge success….. more importantly, like you, I believe that protecting surfers eyes is so needed…. you know I do cataract surgery and pterygium removal all the time, and I am the first to promote prevention -…. I am a waterman and these things were designed by someone who knows the unique conditions being in the water creates…I know your packaging does not want “non-surfers” to wear them…. I say the more, the fewer “fried eyes”! I am going to carry and promote them in my practice and I hope to help you any way I can to reach more surfers and others that love to play in the water!”
-Steve Updegraff MD (Surfer, Waterman, Inventor & Opthalmologist, St. Petersburg, FL)
“Stellar surf goggles amigo!!! Our surf school is totally stoked on your amazing invention. Our eyes are thank you! I fried my eyes last season. My pals had to tell me when to paddle cause I literally couldn’t see. So many surfers on the lineup comment how cool the goggles look… every aspect of the goggles are perfect for surfing. NO MORE FRIED EYES!!!!”
-Con & Ingo (Wild By Nature Adventures – Costa Rica Surfaris)
“No Fried Eyes at all! Great sunglasses, bro!.”
-Alexander Kashintsev (Kitesurfer, Wakeboarder, Snowboarder, Moscow, Russia)
“I wear the Kurtis Surf Goggles in any size surf. They are so light weight and comfortable that I feel like I have naturally polarized eyes”
-Kaiea Bosgra (Lost Team Rider, Hawaii Local)
“My eyes are seen by millions of people. Producers and Hollywood don’t like red eyes on camera. Kurtis Surf Goggles allow me to surf and keep the eyes protected.”
-Matthew Lillard (Hollywood Star, Surfer)
“Love my surf goggles – they’ve had quite the adventure since down here in Cabarete.  I am telling everyone I meet how much I love them!  Got slammed by a wave on the outer reef kiting yesterday, seperated by them they FLOATED so nicely.  It was a breeze getting them back (pun intended).  Surfing, running, kiting – all better with these Kurtis Surf Goggles. “
-Jill Anagnos (Surfer, Kiteboarder, athlete, Florida)
“Hi, Thank you so much for getting back to me about the goggles. We went to “Wet Feet” this afternoon and bought a pair of the “Makaha” goggles. He surfed with them right after and loved them! Thank you again.”
-Carol Yee (Honolulu, HI)
“I’ve been digging the goggles for sure. I’m a fan and seems like there’s a real market in the kiteboarding industry for them. Cheers! : )”
-Gretta Kruesi (Professional Kiteboarder, SUP, Model, TV Host)
“Best Kiteboarding glasses I’ve seen!”
-Adam Lipson (Surfer, New Jeresey)
“Hi guy’s just wanted to give you the thumbs up on my surf goggles… cool!  Had my first surf today at a place called the shallows, got some nice waves, with lots of sun, glare and wind the goggles performed quite good, I wish I’d  had them twenty years ago…:)”
-Max Boys (Surfer, Australia)
“Los Kurtis Surf Goggles solo bueno!!!”
-Esteban Mora (Surfer, Kiteboarder, Costa Rica)
“Hi Kurtis, this is my fourth set of your goggles, and I tell everyone about them at 3rd Ave in the Bay Area… Best to you, Richard Lee”
-Richard Lee (Kiteboarder, Bay Area, CA)
“These are terrific goggles. My wife highjacked the pair I bought last week so I ordered another pair. Really good product. Thanks.”
-Jeff Augen (Racing Skiffs, Kiteboarder, New York)
“Cheers for the sunnies mate.. They are sick!! So stoked with them, they’re saving my eyes big time..it’s no where near as painful in the late arvo backlit glare sessions & are feeling way better after a surf and the next day too.. well done mate.. a sick product you’ve made there.”
-Patrick Walsh (Surfer, South Oz)
“I LOVE them. What a great product! They never moved from my face despite multiple crashes. My eyes felt lots better at the end of the day. Well done! Thanks for a great product and great customer service!”
-Holly Kerr (Surfer, Aliso Viejo, CA)
“I’m a NW kiteboarder and own a pair of the Makaha’s and love em.  Thank you.”
-Kris Eul (Kiteboarder, WA)
“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for great, prompt service with this order.  I received it today.  What a neat storage system!  Thank you again for the assistance in getting it here on time.”
-Monika Szak (Surfer, Australia)
“Hi Kurtis… thank you for the best surf goggles in the world.  Best wishes, Peter.”
-Peter Lee (Kiteboarder, NY)
“Love the glasses!!! Thank you.”
-Craig Bethke (Water Athlete, MI)
“Thank you! My husband loves his surf glasses. He wears them whenever he is in the water or even running on the beach. He loves them and I’m happy he’s taking care of his eyes!”
-Mary Beth Tello (surfer, USA)
“These are the best goggles I’ve ever had & I’ve tried them all”
-Kevin Lowell (Kiteboarder, Las Vegas, NV)
“I admit I was dubious about them staying on but they did, even on one of my more spectacular falls. I kept forgetting they were on my face. I kept reaching up to check on them and they were always in place. I love them!”
-Carol O’Brien (Surfer, Costa Rica)
“They are amazing! I love them for paddle boarding. I won’t go without them. I love that they don’t slip off, that they are polarized and I can go in the water with them.”
-Tami Davis Olivier (SUP, Surfer, Jupiter, Florida)
“Thank you very much for the goggles, and I – as well as my uncle, who is an everyday old-school longboarder – will continue to wear them.”
-Brandon Lee (Surfer, Honolulu Star Bulletin)
“Loved the goggles – had 3 good wrecks and didn’t lose them!”
-Rodney (Wakeboarder, FL)
“They are stable when riding or paddling, are comfortable, lightweight, provide no restrictions on vision and are the best on the market that I have tried.”
-Dr. Gregory Char (Lifelong Surfer, Optometrist, has a pterygium on his left eye from UV damage when surfing)
“The goggles really proved themselves on Christmas. The news reported gusts up to 107mph on this day, so talk about plumes of whitewater. I surfed Silver Strand first thing in the morning with just 2 of my friends out and they were so jealous the whole time that I wasn’t getting spray in the face.”
-David Burroughs (Surfer, Reporter -Ventura County Star)
“My goggles arrived in the Netherlands yesterday without any delay.  Thank you for the excellent service and solution! “
-Jan Mur (Kiteboarder, Netherlands)
“My Surf Goggles now stay on my head while I’m in the water or on the beach. I didn’t realize how really cool these things were until I took them off after wearing them all day in the surf and then put on my regular shades. I immediately realized that I totally lost my peripheral vision due to the side bars on my sunglasses. F*!k that. I now wear my Surf Goggles everywhere.”
-Mako (Oceanside, CA)
“Hey, I tried the surf goggles out a few days ago after school and they worked super well. I didn’t squint nearly as much or need to shade my eyes from the sun with my hand. It really was a big difference. :)
-Marissa Shaw (SDSU Surf Team, San Clemente, CA)
“Kurtis Surf Goggles Advantage: Being able to see well in very harsh sun conditions. Protecting your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun. (Which I do think is important). They never fogged at all…”
-Darryl Dickie (Hermosa Beach Hall of Fame Surfer – Indonesia Test Pilot)
“I just had two retinal tears and detachments in my right eye.I am back surfing now after a 3 months lay off but I can’t take the glare of the sun anymore.Your goggles are a Godsend,I tried all the others,they suck for surfing.You made it fun for me to surf again, mahalo a nui loa. P.S. my friends say I look baaad with my shades,doesn’t hurt!”
-Patrick Ariihere Brault (Maui, HI)
“. Just letting you know I received my Makaha’s a couple of days ago and tried them out today. The thing I really noticed is how light they are on your face. I used to wear Sea Sp**s which are hard plastic, no comparison to the Kurtis, I love them…I think there is a huge market over here, even today the first day I wore them a guy asked where I got them from. Thanks again… will have to send some pics. “
-Mark Paisley (Surfer, Australia)
“Awesome. I can’t wait to get protected again. I feel like I’m surfing naked without Kurtis. P.S.–I would never really buy B@$z or other cheap rip-off since I’ve heard they’re not in your league, and they don’t work anyway. Yours gratefully,”
-Kevin K (San Diego, CA)
“Aloha! — the reason I want your shades in the first place… the reason I ran after that guy coming out of the water a few weeks ago at Ho’okipa who was still wearing your shades after his session (most other shades don’t seem to stay on so good) to ask where he got ‘em– is because I had cataract eye surgery last year at a ridiculously young age because, apparently, I spend WAY too much time outdoors in the sun and surf! (How’s THAT for a run-on sentence?) So I really need to protect my eyes and I prefer to look good doing it! I will do my best to do your shades justice. Aloha nui”
-Cissy (Surfer, Maui, HI)
“…love them. Spend a lot of time on the water and have some serious pterygiums. Dr. says keep them protected and they will shrink. Well I’ve been using kurtis shades on my sup and 1man canoe. Even when the surf is small I’ll surf with em and my ptrediums have gotten smaller. Mahalo”
-Leleo Kinimaka (Waterman, Legend, HI)
“G’day! …i love the shades…. Never surf without them!”
-Skeeter Tichnor (Surfer, World Traveler, HI)
“I love your goggles and have been using them for kiting – They help a ton!”
-Mike Lopyrev (Kiteboarder, CA)
“The Duke’s are sick! Stayed on in El Salvador and I continue to wear them after work at El Porto (brutal glare). Thanks!”
-William S (surfer,Manhattan Beach, CA)
“Kurtis, I think your bamboo glasses are the most comfortable glasses I’ve ever owned… I’m a fishing guide and I’m always on the water. I tell all my clients about your product.”
-Scott Wheat (Fisherman, Guide, TX)
“Been using these goggles for the last four days straight I am completely stoked. Attached is a word doc that’ll go into Heavywater mag:


Took it out to the north shore twice, town once, long distance once and also did a little SUP paddle workout at Ala Moana Beach park today with no wind. I’ve never seen the bottom which is twenty feet deep. It was kind of weird. These Kurtis’ are unbelievable.

So Heavywater Cali man Cody Graham told me about these new surf goggles called Kurtis and how well they work so I tell him to send some over. Kurt, the man behind the product is on it immediately and I give it a test drive:

One straight week and I have to give it a perfect 10 points for these reasons.

  1. These ultra lightweight goggles come with neoprene neck strap and after getting blown down a lip a Laniakea on a six-foot face, the Kurtis goggles are still in one piece. They also float.
  2. Kurtis goggles are 100% UV protection for your eyes and the polarized lens makes it easy to see the reef on low tide. Took it out one day and on a super glassy day you can see down 20 feet. What a trip. Perfect for SUP days.
  3. The other thing is that they wrap around your head so your vision is fully protected from that side glare.
  4. These glasses also have the easiest water slide off I’ve ever tried. No more water splash build up.

No more cataract surgery, macular degeneration, pterygium or corneal damage. Ask for them at your local core surf shop like Wet Feet in Aina Haina or go to Www.KurtisUSA.com. Also or call Kurtis USA (310) 498-1994.”
-Reid Inouye (Heavywater Magazine)

“Kurtis Surf Goggles are da best.”
-Mike Doyle (Surfing World Champion, Surf Instructor, Inventor, Kitesurfer, Legend, Baja, Mexico)
“I used your Duke sunglasses at Sherman this weekend and these are by far the best water glasses I have ever used! I have a flat Asian nose! Most glasses don’t fit as they rest on my cheeks and fog up. Lol. I normally end up ripping glasses off my face after five minutes or so but yours worked perfectly for me. I am really STOKED.”
-Marina Chang (Kiteboarder, Publisher – The Kiteboarder Magazine )
“really excited about the Kurtis Surf Goggles, like peace came from space….”
-Vadim Yampolskiy (Kitesurfer, Board Club Owner, Kharkov, Ukraine)
“I love your product! I think it provides protection for something that is extremely overlooked in water sports and I for one really don’t want to fry my eyes.”
-Barrett Perlman (Pro Wakeboarder, Model, Actress)
“I Love Them! I have been using Oakley water jackets for 8 years, ever since I had a basil cell cancer removed from around and behind my eyeball and these are much better. More comfortable. I can see better. They don’t get spotted or fogged as easily. Best of all, they protect my eyes better; with the Oakleys my eyes would still be really red and irritated after a long hot day out in the ocean and with Kurtis my eyes stay happy and the whites are still white! I can even read in the nights after I am out for hours, which was unheard of before. Thank you so very much.”
-Karen Gallagher (Surfer, Surf Instructor North Shore, Eye Cancer Survivor, Oahu, HI)
“These glasses are the best (Kaiser Bowls)! I am a kitesurfer living in the Turks.”
-Meryl Cooper (Kitesurfer, Turks)
“Loving the goggles… thanks.”
-Joaquin Hubbard (Kiteboarder, Washington)
“My eyes are fried from years of surfing. Dr. H told me about Kurtis Surf Goggles and now I can continue to surf and protect my eyes. Thanks for designing such a great product.”
-Derek Fritts (Surfer, Triathlete, Carlsbad, CA)
“Love the goggles, fantastic for kitesurfing.”
-Sabina Pavlica (Kitesurfer, Switzerland)
“These are art. Thank you Kurtis.”
-Scott Wheat (Waterman, Fisherman, Texas)
“@KurtisEyewear Thx for saving my eyes again after surgery.”
-Marisha @Blondyogini via Instagram (Surfer, Yoga Teacher)
“The Duke’s are sick! Stayed on in El Salvador and I continue to wear them after work at El Porto (brutal glare). Thanks!”
-William S (Surfer, Manhattan Beach, CA)
“Took it out to the north shore twice, town once, long distance once and also did a little SUP paddle workout at Ala Moana Beach park today with no wind. I’ve never seen the bottom which is twenty foot deep. It was kind of weird. These Kurtis’ are unbelievable.”
-Inouye (Oahu, HI)
“Wow man I can’t thank you enough, I have never had such good customer service in my life. You guys seriously set the bar…”
-Jes (Surfer, South Africa)
“They work! You can hoot me off any wave.”
-Greg Tate (Surfer, Tampa, FL)
“Love the bamboo glasses, can’t wait to try the surf goggles.”
-Paul Sjoberg (Surfer, Orange County, CA)
“Awesome! They are saving my eyes. The glare is insane here in Hawaii.”
-Artie Castro (Pro Snowboarder, Pro Long boarder, Ultimate Boarder Competitor)
“The sun and UV here in NZ is so intense that you have to have the good glasses and I’m stoked. Thanks so much for your help and excellent service.”
-John Canfield (Surfer, New Zealand)
“These are my everyday shades (Brinnovator Bamboo Alaia Series by Kurtis Eyewear). I even put my Rx in them.”
-Ed Santos (AKA Rock Da Mullet, Viral Ambassador and Creative Guru, Santa Ana, CA)
“I was blinded in a surf accident in my right eye and needed eye protection for my good eye. The Duke Surf Goggles are excellent. Thank you.”
-Mathew Cain (Surfer, Huntington Beach, CA)
“I love the goggles I bought from you guys…I really appreciate the personalized attention. Kind of a novelty these days.”
-Joe Bob Edwards (Kitesurfer, TX)
“Awesome goggles. The Makaha is the perfect size.”
-Jesse James (Surfer, Jupiter, FL)
“I’m so so so stoked on them. This is the third pair of Kurtis Surf Goggles we have purchased. We don’t go in the water without them. You can quote me on that. Thank you for your innovation and leadership in the industry. With Aloha and appreciation.”
-Tamara Kenworthy (Surfer, CA & HI)
“I wear your glasses every time I’m out in the water and just love them.”
-Annie Doyle (SUP, Surfers, Kitesurfers, Artists, Cabo, Mexico)
“Thanks again for getting my order here in time for the birthday. The present was a hit! Everyone loved The Duke! They work perfect for riding jet skis at 60MPH.”
-Andrea Cleland (PWC, Tampa Bay, FL)
“They are now a permanent fixture whenever I surf.”
-Steve Valarde (Surfer, San Clemente, CA)
“Sickest shades ever! So Stoked. Those polarized lenses made the waves look better than they were though. Maybe they should come with a warning about that.”
-Taylor Jensen via Instagram (World Surfing Champion, San Clemente, CA – **mentioned before I ever met him)
“You guys are so appreciated. Thanks for saving our eyes.”
-Liz Bates (Surfer, Gig Harbor, WA)
“I’m so stoked on how light they are…makes me realize how heavy my normal glasses are.”
-Rob Dumouchel (Waterman, Avila Beach, CA)
“I gave them a good workout on the Gold Coast. They really work well, glad I shelled out a little extra for them. Thanks”
-Craig Stevens (Surfer, Australia)
“Your Surf Goggles saved my eyes in Baja.”
-Mark Margorian (Surfer, Vista, CA)
“Everyone Loves your Bamboo Sunglasses”
-Paula & Rick Bickford (Surf Enthusiast, Photographers, San Clemente, CA)
“Our customers love your goggles!”
-Alize de Rosnay (Surfer, Owner of Puka Puka, Maui, HI)
“Your Goggles have especially been great in strong offshore wind conditions, as I would never otherwise be able to take off blind!”
-Jim Scheib M.D. (Surfer, Santa Barbara, CA)
“These Rock!!!! They will become my standard client gift.”
-Morgan Lashley (Surfer, Palo Alto, CA – El Brophy Bamboo Sunglasses)
“Hey guys, love the Kaiser Bowls Goggles. They came so fast and just in time for great wind and wipe outs on Saturday! NO FRIED EYES!! Thank you.”
-Jill Wheeler (Kitsurfer, Naples, FL)
“Kurtis, they work! Thanks …you can hoot me off any wave. All the best.”
-Greg Tate (Surfer, Tampa, FL)
“Glasses are amazing.  Was just in Costa Rica again.  Sun is bright and hot.”
-Michael Singer (Surfer, NY)
“I lost vision in one eye in a surfing accident. Super thankful to be back out in the water after a 2 year hiatus. Thanks to Kurtis Surf Goggles for the amazing eye protection and the support of family and close friends.”
-Chris Owen (Surfer, photograhper, San Clemente, CA)
“Hello to everyone at Team Kurtis!  Just got my new surf goggles in and they are better then what I was expecting.  Definitely will be using them for now on and will promote for you.  Really like the made in the USA.”
-Steven Wieder (Kiteboarder, Florida)
“Stoked on The Duke Surf Goggles. My eyes thank you. No Fried Eyes!”
-Brant Berger (Kitesurfer, SUP, Morro Bay, CA)
“I did use the goggles and they were great, I’m sure they will be very successful… Let’s keep in touch, Regards,”
-Joel Cooper (CEO Lost Enterprises)
“Hi, I got my surf goggles from you guys as a gift from a friend over a year ago…I really love them.”
-Nathan Day (Surfer, NY)
“Hi, I bought my husband a pair of the Kaiser Bowls Surf Goggles for Christmas. He has found them to be awesome in every way when he is kiteboarding. He of course gets heaps of compliments on them and goes on about how fabulous they are…many of our friends sail, surf, kiteboard, etc…a friend and I want a pair of the Kaiser. Kind regards,”
-Anne Watson (Surfer, Kitesurfer, Victoria, Australia)
“I love the style and fit of the World Champion Bamboo Sunglasses…I’ve tried dozens of sunglasses, but they never fit. Your flexible hinges work great on my Asian face. No Fried Eyes Kurtis.”
-Wing Lam (Surfer, Wahoo’s Fish Taco Owner, Orange County, CA)
“I have nothing but great things to say. I got the Duke goggles in May and they have completely changed the game. I used to wake up with crsst on my eyes and my eyes would sting throughout the night from surfing or kiteing all day without eye protection. I never really thought about protecting my eyes in the water until my doctor brought it up. So I went online and found you guys. Everyone I talked to at Kurtis was extremely helpful and got me really stoked on Kurtis Surf Goggles. I now wear them everyday, whether its surfing, kiteing standup paddling, body surfing etc. I teach kiteboard lessons in the summer in the bay area and I go to school at UCSB surfing everyday. I love to educate people on the eye problems that Kurtis Surf Goggles can fix. I love spreading my stoke that I have for your products to my friends and the surf and kite communities. So basically I just want to give you guys a HUGE thanks for making these amazing products that have really helped me and countless other people.”
-Stephen Turney (Surfer, kitboarder, Santa Barbara, CA)
“I wanted to thank you again for the amazing shades. Not one popped blood vessel in my eyes all summer. Last year it was almost a daily event, ugly, irritating and not sustainable. I was reminded how amazing the surf shades were the other day when I actually forgot them. It sucked! Won’t do that again any time soon.”
-Randy Orzeck (kitesurfer, Hood River Oregon and Maui, HI)
“I already have the Kaiser Bowls and love them….I want to order the Duke and Makaha as gifts.”
-Skeeter Tichnor (Surfer / Yoga Instructor, Maui, HI)
“I love my World Champions (Bamboo Sunglasses), their light and work great for paragliding too.”
-Jeremy J. Langejans (Adventure Athlete, Michigan)
“Thanks Kurtis! My surf goggles have changed my life! Love them & my eyes love them even more! I don’t even feel like I am wearing goggles and they don’t fall off or anything. Amazing!!!”
-Alexandra Currie (Surfer, Palmerston North, New Zealand)
“Love my surf goggles – they’ve had quite the adventure since down here in Cabarete. I am telling everyone I meet how much I love them! Got slammed by a wave on the outer reef Kiting yesterday, sepreated by them and they FLOATED so nicely It was a breeze getting them back (pun intended). Surfing, running, kiting – all better with these Kurtis Surf Goggles!”
-Jill Anagnos Wheeler (Surfer, Kiteobarder, SUP, Florida)
“These Surf Goggles do every thing you say they will do and are super comfortable, looking out at the horizon I’m able to see the sets now. Thank you so much for your product making my surfing safer and more fun because I can see.”
-Chas Blackwell (Surfer, Orange County, CA)
“Just a quick note to let you know I received the glasses and wore them out on my session today up here in NorCal. They worked amazingly well. I’m highly recommending them to my friends, and to strangers in the lineup when they ask. Thanks for designing this excellent and much needed product.”
-Avi Tuschman (Surfer, Santa Cruz, CA)
“I used them in Indo and love them.”
-Trevor Wilson (Surfer, CA)
“They are the best!!!! Saved my eyes so many times… And impossible to lose in the water. Love them.”
-Kristina Roth (Kiteurfer, CA)
“Hi- Love my goggles; second pair so far… Thanks derrick.”
-Derrick Fu (Surfer, HI)
“Great Shades! I have own mine for over 2 years. Still in great shape.”
-Jode Garcia (Surfer, Miami Florida)
“Since two years I have had your Duke Surf Goggles. I love them! Now I am looking at your El Brophy Bamboo Sunglasses.”
-Henrik Stahlberg (Surfer / kiteboarder, Sweden)
“Well I have now tried the Dukes Kitesurfing and I must say they are truly brilliant. They look great and are comfortable and stay in position after heavy landings. The thing about them I liked the best was the clear visibility. The goggles have great peripheral vision and seconds after falling in the water the lens was clear and definitely no fogging, a real problem I had with the other brands I tried. Great work!”
-James Moyes (Kitesurfer, Copenhagen, Denmark)
“…the chemo was gnarly and gave me another retinal detachment, so the surgeon put a buckle around the eyeball and filled the eye with silicone oil for 7 months. After chemo, I got back right away into the surf. I could not have done it without your goggles Kurtis. I surfed with one eye until the silicone oil was removed. I also like this new wax formula easier to use (H20-H8R Lens Spray) I do my part spreading the word by example.”
-Patrick (Surfer, cancer survivor, Maui, HI)
“My eyes are so relaxed when I surf in my Kurtis Goggles.”
-Donna Milliken (Surfer)
“I purchased your Kaiser Bowls Surf Goggles last March and have been really, really happy with them. I began looking for surf goggles after I started developing pingueculas in both eyes from sun exposure, and although I wasn’t familiar with Kurtis I got the sense that your products are really desinged for serious conditions. Since then I’ve been happy with every aspect of these goggles, not only do my eyes feel great after surfing they also really help with what would otherwise be blind takeoffs in stiff offshore winds.”
-Peter Katz (Surfer, Durham / Kitty Hawk, NC)
“I love you Kurtis. I got them minute after I email you and nobody happy as I am. Will refer you a lot of people. Thanks, thanks, thanks. On my next visit in the USA I’m coming to your shop.”
-Moran Ben Abou(Surfer, Kiryat Yam, Israel)
“Goggles work fine… took a big hit during the big SE at El Capitan and goggles work!”
-Roland Takayama (Surfer, Santa Barbara, CA)
“Hello, just want to thank you for the fantastic kitesurf goggles. They are very light and no fog inside.”
-Antonio Soldati (kitesurfer, Figino, Switzerland)
“Great product all around. Really enjoy the safety and tint. Cheers.”
-Hugo Kenyon (Surfer, kitesurfer, San Francisco, CA)
“The Dukes Rock – I use them for kitiing in England – Best glasses ever!”
-Alex Suesserott (Kitesurfer, England)
“This will actualy be the 2nd pair I will purchase.  My brother is a kitesurfer and raves about these gogs.  We recently got back from Cabarete where he wore them everywhere and was asked about them all the time… thanks so much!!”
-Angela Campbell (Kitesurfer, Canada)
“Hi guys.  Love you’re goggles.  You guys are legends.  The glare down here on the west coast of NZ is insane dude!  Cheers and thanks for making such an epic product!”
-Jeremy Gee (Surfer, NZ)
“Since I got them I have been acting as a Kurtis model in Sydney beaches and have been loving them. Thank you for creating such a great product, it’s been serving me well.”
-Roey Balbus (Surfer, Sydney, Australia)
“Great! Thanks so much Kurtis. I guess you can hoot me off any wave. Still loving them. All my best.”
-Greg T. (Surfer, California)
“I’ve tried the other brands, but nothing matches the fit and quality of your shades.”
-Erick Espinoza (Snowboarder, Big Bear, CA)
“Your sunglasses and that anti-fog spray are phenomenal. The real thrill came when I took your sunglasses out, it was a nice sunny day and I had a blast. I kited with clear vision, no spray in eyes and no fog, that makes a hell of a difference. I can’t tell you how many sunglasses I’ve tried, but these are keepers. I lost them 3 times (I didn’t have the QR Leash attached to them) but because they float I found them very easy. Great product and service Kurtis.”
-David Lector (kitesurfer, Malibu, CA)
“Thanks for making some killer shades. This is my second pair!.”
-Jay Langejans (Surfer, MI)
“They are awesome! Great case and cleaning cloth. Love your instruction manual. It’s funny especially about the waves snakes and the pic. Thanks heaps. My wife and I also own and love your bamboo Surf King sunglasses. So light and sexy. You don’t even notice you have them on. “
-Glen Johnson (Surfer, Melbourne, Australia)
“This pair is for my wife. I have had my pair for over a year and love them.”
-Richard Councell (Surfer, North Carolina)
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re the best. I love your products and your company.”
-Hale Kenworthy (Surfer, Costa Mesa, CA)
“I tried the Sea Specs and Oakley’s without luck, but Kurtis Surf Goggles are 1st class!!! They work great! Thanks,”
-Tomas Roche (Surfer, HI)

Many, many more, but none of this matters until we know you’re avoiding the glare and shouting “No Fried Eyes.” We want you to be STOKED!