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“For a long time we (eye doctors) have been trying to get surfers to wear sun protection but nobody has designed a pair of sunglasses that they can live with. It is a great relief finally to see that Kurtis surf goggles offers the protection we want and the flexibility they want.”
-Dr. John Hovanesian (Eye Surgeon with Harvard Eye Associates, renowned Researcher and Speaker on pterygiums and other eye diseases)
” I surf at Maori Bay/Muriwai on Auckland’s West Coast and an evening surf on a fine day has you squinting into intense glare. I had recently discovered I had developed a choroidal naevus on my retina, which has potential to turn into a malignant melanoma, and so it was suddenly pretty important not to acquire further DNA damage from UV radiation on my retina. My son kindly did a diligent search on the net and found your company and ordered me a set of glasses. I have to say I was quite dubious about how useful they would be. I was surprised with how functional they were , how pleasant it was to feel relief from the glare, and indeed they do look quite cool! I have not been out without them since. On those glarey evenings others in the line up are looking at me a bit enviously and I am quite often asked the brand, and where I had acquired them. I had never previously seen eyewear in the surf around New Zealand and only once in Australia. I am sure that is about to change. Congratulations on achieving such a high standard with your product, it has clearly been well worth all the effort.”
-William Ferguson (Surfer, New Zealand)
“These are Awesome! I went surfing at Oceanside and the glare was so bad a local tried to buy them off of me in the water. They saved my contacts too.”
-Joshua Hunter (Transworld Surf Magazine)
“I am heading out to Fiji again August 27th and wanted to get another pair of Kurtis Surf Goggles! It is amazing how often I get asked about my goggles… I always tell people to look up Kurtis with a K online and order a pair. Thank you and my girl friend is going to love hers too”
-Doug Vader (Surfer, Kiteboarder - Beverly Hills, CA
“Eye cancer is very real. Mahalo Kurtis for the Awesome Surf Goggles that have kept me in the waves and Hawaiian sun. You rock dude! Aloha.”
-Lynne Boyer (2x Surfing World Champion, Artist, Eye Cancer Survivor)
“I'm Stoked on Kurtis Eyewear. I surf in them everyday. I get asked so often about the glasses while I'm surfing... Thanks Kurtis.”
-Chris (Surfer - Oahu, HI)
“Kurtis thanks so much for getting the goggles to me so fast went for a paddle yesterday to test them out tropical storm conditions they are really awesome nice and light and very clear cant wait to wear them on a good swell in the afternoon when my eyes usually kill me from being to bright!!! Thanks again will probably get another pair when I get back from Baja I will be spreading the word for you!”
-Chris Greenup (Surfer, SUP- Encinitas, CA)
“We're loving the glasses bro. Thanks again... Aloha.”
-Robert Smith (surfer - Kehei, HI)
“Just want to let you know that Steve and I SUPed the last couple of days at San Onofre. We wore our new goggles, and got many questions and comments from other SUPers. Was my first time ever surfing with glasses, and I loved it. In the late afternoon glare, I could read the waves better, and I even felt more relaxed in the very crowded line up. I love the amber lenses, and the shape of the streamlined Makaha frame. We are shipping out to Maui this Monday. I hope to score some sick conditions and some epic shots while styling in your shades. Thank you so much!!!”
-Cynthia Brown (SUP, Surfer, Kiteboarder - Baja, Maui, Hood River)
“Hi Kurtis I have worn your Duke Surf goggles for the last year and a half. They are fantastic. I try to surf 2-3 times a week i never surf without them. They have held up extremely well and your spray is very good at keeping the water from spotting. When I first started surfing i tries seaspecs but they scratch easily, they don't comfort form to your face and they fog up like crazy. Your surf goggles wrap around may face but don't fog up because of the foam inside and are comfortable because they are soft. They not only protect my eyes from the sun but from our trade winds as well. An altogether a fantastic product and worth every penny. Thank You for providing them for us who surf and play in the ocean. ”
Marijike Christianson- (surfer - Kailua, HI)
“Hey,Just wanted to say we LOVE our surf goggles. Thanks so much. It was such a good purchase for us - super happy :)”
-Clara Melia (Surfer - San Francisco, CA)
“Super excited to get these in the mail today. Just in time for Sherman. Thanks Kurtis.”
-Chris Fry (Kiteboarder - Berkley, CA)
“Love the goggles/glasses. Unreal he well they work... Thanks.”
-Mathew Ross (SUP, Kiteboarder - Basalt, Colorado)
“Hello! Today I got my Kurtis Eyewear. Thank you very much for all features in addition!Best regards,Vlad.”
-Vladislav Garbuzov (Kiteboarder - Moscow, Russia)
“My Duke's are still going strong. Thanks.”
-Craig Porteous (surfer - Perth, Australia)
“Thanks Team Kurtis!”
-Michael Marotta (SUP Racer - Tampa, FL)
“Need to replace my second pair of dukes... car break in. I am addicted, must have for my sessions now.”
-Alex Tsurikov (Surfer - Virginia)
“Awesome Glasses!.”
-Jay Sonneklar (Surfer - Miami Beach, FL)
“Kurtis Surf Goggles are very special.
-Richard Branson (Kitesurfer, Elders Founder, Virgin Founder, World Record Holder, Billionaire)
“Used them last couple days at Sunset and they worked great! Also loaned them to my buddy “Surf Mike” and he raves about them, as he’s tried Oakley’s and every other pair on the market and says yours “are the best yet”. So, so far a hit. Don’t know if you know of or remember “Booby Jones”, but he was a former Duke winner and big wave rider in the 80′s and he wants to try a pair, as he’s been using various other brands. So, so far well received on the North Shore! Thanks for turning me on to a pair and I think you’ve got a good practical product with this item! Aloha”
-Randy Rarick (Surfer, Legend, Promoter)
“Kurtis Surf Goggles are changing the face of surfing… They’re happening… I have sensitive eyes and will continue to wear them.”
-Bob McKnight (Founder & CEO of Quiksilver)

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