Makaha Kitesurfing Goggles

by Kurtis Eyewear

Makaha Kitesurfing Goggles

$ 189.00 $ 199.99

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The Makaha Kitesurfing Sunglasses - Handcrafted by Kurtis Eyewear, Morro Bay, CA. So you want to look cool, but be discreet in your local lineup. You just don't like the bloody eyed stoner jokes and want to open your eyes in the morning without crust welding them shut. Your solution is the Makaha Kitesurfing Goggles by Kurtis

Our 3rd goggle release designed with a slick low profile, but still offering 100% UV, full peripheral vision.

  • Low profile & great for small faces
  • 100% UV, Polarized to eliminate glare, Flexible for impact safey and Float
  • Face Forming Technology for Perfect Fit
  • Fits under helmet & over hood
  • Safe, Stylish & Proven Function

These are the best for the kitesurfer that feels most comfortable with the size of traditional hardcore sunglasses, but wants to charge like a madman without the harsh glare destroying their vision.

"I want our customers to avoid the glare and to be stoked on the Kurtis Brand. It is my goal to protect eyes and enhance vision in all surfing conditions." Kurtis Shipcott

Do you want to surf in comfort or fry your eyes?

Come shout "No Fried Eyes" with the Makaha Kite Surf Goggles by Kurtis. We're here to help you.

**All Kurtis Kite Surf Goggles come with the complete accessory kit: melonstrap headstrap, Quick Release Money Leash, airable storage container, instruction sheet & cleaning cloth.

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