Yuck Foo - Surf Team - T-shirt

by Kurtis Eyewear

$ 25.00

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In our early beginnings we were really angry at what some companies we're passing off as surfing sunglasses. You CAN'T throw a strap on sunglasses and say they were designed for surfing! Dangerous, wrong and horrible functionality.

Yuck Foo came about because I'm mildly dyslexic and it was my attitude towards some of the big surf companies that have forgotten their surfing roots and the companies that were selling crap for eye protection. I put a spin on words & the Kurtis Team wore it as a flag around the corporations that bought their way into the surfing market without a care for surfers.

Today we focus on surfers needs, earth's needs and finding solutions. "No Fried Eyes & No Fried Earth!"

But hey we still have the T-shirts screen and so we printed a few more. If you've been burned by the other guys, "O" you know which Big Corp I'm talking about. Or maybe you've purchased the "Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sea Crap?" Or maybe you just have your own twisted reason of wearing the Kurtis Team Shirt.

A reminder to have some fun and to not let the Billion dollar brands tell you who you're supposed to be and to yell 'yuck foo" at the cheaters. Also a reminder of our rebel beginnings at Kurtis.

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