Kurtis Surf Goggles are 100% UV, polarized to eliminate glare, flexible for safety impact and float. They were designed with all aspects of surfing in mind and are handcrafted in Morro Bay, California, USA.  

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Kurtis Eco-Friendly Eyewear. Handcrafted Bamboo Frames. Light weight, strong & AWESOME. High Quality Phazer Lenses - 100% UV, polarized to eliminate glare & made from a natural tree pulp base.

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KURTIS EYEWEAR - No Fried Eyes & No Fried Earth!

Kurtis Surf Goggles, Bamboo Sunglasses & Surfing Sunglasses - NOW SOLD DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR IN 31 COUNTRIES.


Kurtis Eyewear launched in September of 2007 with The Duke Surf Goggles.  The World’s best action based eyewear for above water sports.   Over the next 2 years the Kasier Bowls and Makaha Eyewear launched establishing Kurtis USA as the first company fully focused on the eyewear needs of surfers, wakeboarders, kitesurfers, PWC, SUP and kayakers.

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  • I’ve had a few chances now to test the surf goggles and I do love your product! I think it provides protection for something that is extremely overlooked in water sports and I for one really don’t want to fry my eyes.
    Barrett Perlman, pro wakeboarder


In March 2012 Kurtis caused a revolution in the eyewear industry with the launch of their Natural and Sustainable Eco- Friendly Bamboo Sunglasses.  Light weight, handcrafted, stylish and equipped with Kurtis Phazer Polarized Lenses.

Lower your carbon footprint in style and protect your eyes.

From Hollywood to Paris – Kurtis Eco-Eyewear is making a green statement.

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